GNG: Season 2


You may have noticed that the GNG girls have been absent from the internet for the past month (at least a little more absent than usual). That is because we have finished our first podcasting season and are preparing ourselves for Season 2.

We're going to pretend that this was all planned out beforehand and not just a perfect storm of all four of us suddenly becoming really busy IRL. We even finished off the last season with a cliffhanger (that being the fact that you all thought we'd be doing new episodes each week for the last month and a half, and we did not do so).

Anyway, Season 2 is going to be even more awesome than the first. We're going to bring you some new features, guest stars, contests, and more. The next season will begin in mid-December, but we'll bring you more details about that as the date draws nearer. Until then, we're going to post a lot more content on this site that we think you'll find entertaining. You can also visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr if you just can't get enough of GNG. (And who could blame you, really?)

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