The Girly Nerdy Goodness Jingle Contest

Despite the festive season and our use of the word "jingle" this not a contest to sing the next big Christmas carol (let's leave that to the Glee kids).  

GNG is looking for a new jingle for their podcast and we would love for one of our listeners to write us something snazzy!

The fairly short jingle is the first thing our listeners hear when they tune in to Girly Nerdy Goodness so we need it to make a huge impact and set them up for the following hour of amazingness!  So here are the guidelines: make it short, make it fun, and make it unique.  It doesn't matter if it has lyrics or not.

So get your mariachi band together, dust off your keytars and get creative!  Email all submissions to (include lyrics if applicable) and your deadline is December 24th!  Get going!

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