Welcome to GNG 2.0

Yes, nerdy friends, we've now entered a new era of Girly Nerdy Goodness - an era where we bring you more videos, blog posts, photos, and other nerdy goodness to accompany our weekly podcast. We hope you're as excited about these changes as we are, so to ring in the new GNG, we've written some haikus for your nerdy enjoyment.


Fuzzy Lepard Vest
you keep me so cozy, warm.
Oh how I love thee.


(My Ode to the Series Finale of Lost)

I am still upset.
I still feel like I wasted
Six years of my life.


The Dark Lord will fall.
Avada Kedavra and
a lightning bolt scar.


What shock, what horror,
When Darth Vader declares, "Luke
I am your father."

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