Top 5 Movies to Watch Before Halloween

Katelyn and Jordan here! Sorry you haven't heard from us in awhile but we've all been hard at work watching horror movies this holiday season. Below is a list of our favorite, new and classic, horror movies!

5.) The Strangers - This movie scares Katelyn to death. It's so realistic. It could happen to anyone! This isn't an exaggeration either. If you're familiar with the movie and know the killers' motivation, it really could happen!

4.) Paranormal Activity Triolgy - The third one just came out.  If you haven't seen it, go see it. We don't want to give anything away but it may or may not be worth it. We don't really know what to say, just see it. And you should have already watched the first two by now... if not, that's unacceptable.

3.) Friday the 13th Series - Why are there so many movies? Why does Jason need to go to space? We recommend watching the originals, the oldest few.

2.) The Rob Zombie Halloweens - These are recommended for those mature viewers who prefer a little violence. You get a backstory on Michael Myers, which makes them a little more interesting than the originals.  They're hard to compare to the originals but they're definitely a must see.

1.) The Original Halloween Series... like all 17 of them - Seriously, how many are there? And was that all necessary? But even after all these years they're still awesome horror flicks.

BONUS: Hocus Pocus - If you haven't seen this childhood classic, then you've been living under a rock!

What do you think? Which are your must-see Halloween movies?

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