Katelyn and Whitney's Polar Bear Plunge!

Yes, you read correctly, Katelyn and Whitney are taking a Polar Bear Plunge!

If you're not familiar with polar bear plunges, they are fundraising events where questionably sane people leap into semi-frozen bodies of water in the dead of winter.

On Saturday, February 19th, Katelyn and Whitney will be braving the harsh Michigan winter weather and dodging icebergs when they jump into the Detroit River to benefit the Michigan Special Olympics.

And now they need your support!  Kateyn and Whitney are collecting donations from anyone willing to pledge a dollar or more.  Your pledge not only says "you're insane" but it also supports a really good cause!

If you are interested in donating, visit their respective collection pages to make a quick and secure donation!

Katelyn -->
Whitney -->

We thank you in advance!  And stay tuned for a really awesome video next week!

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