Social Media Meltdown with Katelyn & Joe

Social Media Meltdown is our new weekly live streaming video show where Joe and I will discuss a hot button topic in the realm of social media. Viewers will be able to log on, watch the show live and interact with us as we go along. At the end of each show, we'll answer the questions you've submitted!

Although Joe and I are no strangers to digital media, doing a live streaming video cast is who new world for us but we are really excited to get to interact with our audience in real-time. This will be fun!

The show will run every Tuesday at 7:00pm EST. But don't worry, if you can't make it you'll be able to watch the recorded copy.

Invite your friends to join us! Without an audience it won't be nearly as fun... or SOCIAL!

This upcoming Tuesday will be our first show so log on and support us!

Watch Live Here:

GNG: Episode 1 (kind of)

A Formal Apology