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For this edition of Nerdy Knits, I'm taking a little trip back through time to the days when I couldn't tear myself away from my Super Nintendo and all the great Mario & gang games that consumed a large chunk of my childhood. Here's a hat inspired by one little guy that made lots of appearances in all of those games.

Stumped on what to get that nerdy girl you're dating (or stalking) this holiday season?  Well, the GNG girls have you covered this year!  We've put together a comprehensive guide full of amazingly fun gifts that are perfect for that special girl on your list.

I love knitting. Anyone who knows me knows this. I also enjoy nerdy things. So what better way to express my two main interests than to fuse them together to bring you a fantastic monthly blog post chronicling the nerdy things I knit in my spare time?!

Best idea you've ever heard? That's what I thought. Let's get on with the show, shall we...

Let's be honest, I spend far too much time on the internet.  Lately my obsession has been  The premise of this website is just as ambiguous as it's name, Yeah.  From what I gather, Yeah just a stream of random, anonymous images.  Yeah invites anyone with a phone with email capabilities to anonymously submit pictures which will be instantaneously streamed to the site.  It's as simple as emailing any picture taken from your cell phone to