Just Cool Enough: Ep 25 - Fixing All The World's Problems

This week Joe seemed to want to spend time with his girlfriend instead of doing a podcast. You should totaly insult him on his twitter for it. Ike and Eric had to do the show by themselves and managed to not only do a great show but fix everything that was ever wrong in this world. Maybe we don't need Joe after all?

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Show Notes

Current Events
Aussies lie about Internet porn
LIVE cow is fed to five hungry tigers in front of tourists
Furious frogmen star in epic Street View chase
Japan Calls Hummer H3 Fuel-Efficient
Russia farmer convicted of planting landmines in field
Speaking Italian is more romantic than Klingon
Computer Engineer Barbie

Have You Seen This Sh!t
Sex Ed Game

Idiot of the week
Snowy foot prints

Help fight breast


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