Just Cool Enough: Episode 24 - No pants for Women's Rights

This week our friend Kae is on the show with us and we discover that all of us at Just Cool Enough are doing a lot to help the feminist cause just by being the losers that we are. We also started broadcasting our recording sessions over on OMFG every saturday at 5pm EST if you want to tune in. You can keep up to date with all things JCE by joining our Facebook or Twitter.

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Show Notes

Listener of the week:
Thomas Wilson for donating money to keeping the site going.

Current Events

Protests Gets Protested Outside Twitter headquarters
Dancing girls promote strip club in see-through bus
Bestiality soon to be illegal in the Netherlands
Elementary School 'Fight Club' Uncovered
Saudi women revel in online lives
Super Bowl is big business for prostitutes
The New Heinz Ketchup Packet

New Segment - "Screw You" The Onion
Mischievous Raccoon Wreaks Havoc On International Space Station

Have you Seen This Sh!t

Idiot of the week
Searching for pictures at the wrong time.


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