Just Cool Enough: Ep 30 - Nothing Bad Ever Happened in America

This week on the show we talk about is jam packed with our hatred off Cops and the Australian government. We also make fun of a lot of people that die because we are jerks like that. Maybe if you donate enough money to us we will jump out of a plane to entertain you people.

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Show Notes

Current Events

World's shortest man dies aged 21
Jedi gets apology after being kicked out of Job center
Cops visited elderly couple's home at least 50 TIMES looking for criminals
If your name is Calvin Sacramento police will arresting this black guy instead of you
Beach jogger killed by silent plane
Dad leaps out a second story window and shoots his daughter's boyfriend in the groin
Encyclopedia Dramatica author faces possibility of criminal charges
The Easter Bunny is Racist

This Week In Win
69 year old Skydiver dies in accident

This week in tech
3D TVs are coming sooner then you might think.

Have You Seen This Sh!t
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Idiot of the week
To drunk for court

Ways to die:
During a successful 1 2 Punch - Shinoda

from a earthquake while i am doing a chick because of the 1 2 punch.
also having a song in the background that offends everyone. - Snickersnee

Skydiving without a parachute. Going straight as a bullet and becoming a nice big mess on the pavement. Doing this would have two major benefits:
1. Looking Epic.
2. Freaking out everyone in the vicinity.

In a three way fight to the death with the hosts? Speedy's Mom will clearly win.- Mr_NNJ



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