Just Cool Enough: Episode 141 - Haters Wanna Be Me

Thanks to some terrible communication from Joe we had to do the show a day late. We are sorry if we didn't get the news about the zombie apocalypse starting to you guys soon enough. We hope that at this point you are well secured in whatever fortress or bunker you have found and didn't have to watch you whole family get eating right in front of you.

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Show Notes

Current Events
Greatest President Ever
Apocalypse-proof condos
Porn Convention Held Next To Prom
Senior prank gets out of hand
Fired for being 'Too Hot'

Zombie Watch!
It Has Begun

Have You Seen This Sh!t
Krispy Kreme - Haters Wanna Be Me

Ignore Hitler
I’m sexy and I know it

Download The Mp3 Here

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