Just Cool Enough: Ep 10 - Why Wouldn't I Want To Be A Prostitute?

This week on the show, Joe has lost his internet or die of swine flu. We are not sure which. Our old friend Kyle shows up at the last minute to fill in for Joe. We spend the show talking about Tauntaun Wedding Cakes, Snakes on a plane, Online dating  for beautiful people, serial groin-kickers running free, and so much more.

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Show Notes

Current Events
Schwarzenegger Gives California Legislature A Hidden Finger
Dead Tauntaun Wedding Cake!
Would you work for this guy?
Customs find snakes taped to man
Online dating site for beautiful people only
B.C. police seek serial groin-kicker after series of attacks
How Women’s Liberation Led to High End Prostitution
Forza 3 player isn't banned for breast cancer sticker
I am not a bad driver, I was just born that way.
Recycle is more then just about the physical environment

Idiot's of the week award
The economy is even hitting burglars hard.

This week in gaming
Quick review of L4D 2 Demo
Assassin's Creed Mini movie
That's what we're about here... originality.
Submit to us... your games shall be no more!

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