Just Cool Enough: Ep 3 - She looks like a wax figure

Another week over with and another episode of Just Cool Enough for you to enjoy. It's almost like we are making a habit of it or something. This week we talk about Batman without a cape, Flash mobs, Sitting while you pee extending your life, and a whole lot more. Don't forget to leave your comments and review us on Itunes if you have a moment.

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Have You Seen This Sh!t
21,000 person flash dance, it may be from Oprah but damn these people are good.

Chances Are-
1 in 4 adults in the US suffer from a mild mental illness that can be treated
1 in 17 adults suffer from a serious mental illness

Current Events
Opposition mounts against P2P disconnection plan
Veterans suffering from PTSD can visit virtual Chicoma Island for help
Arkham Asylum breaks the Bat for pirates
From May 09 Survey: More people play video games than go to movies
YouTube Graffiti Celeb Gets Jail Time for High-Wire Hijinx
World's oldest persone dies in LA at 115
From the New Hampshire Concord Monitor Sept. 4th 2009
Good for you? More and more researchers agree: Video games have benefits

  • Study published by Nature Neuroscience: Fast-paced Shooting games sharpened players vision
  • Pediatrics: Motion-controlled games like Wii Fit and DDR were better for kids then walking
  • study in BMC Research Notes suggested that Tetris improved both brain efficiency and size

Author of article points out that the CDC data from the seattle-tacoma area points to the average video gamer as being sicker, fatter, and more depressed then the average non-gamer.
"Somebody at the CDC can't play games, I think."

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