Just Cool Enough: Episode 65 - Breastaurant Wars!

On this weeks show, we go to some strange places. What starts off as an innocent conversation about restaurants turns into a history lesson. We then go on to yell at Joe for not losing weight and then make fun of a dog war hero that was euthanized. No one ever said this was a classy joint.

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Show Notes

Current Events
Underwear that protects privacy at airport
Bacon cures Epilepsy
Breastaurant Wars!

This week in tech
I take out my +9 cloak of invisability

Have You Seen This Sh!t
Clean The Fan
In Spain, Politics is like sex

Now that’s f***ed up
I am not sure if I should cry... or laugh.

The Problem with Nice Guys

Why are ladies so scared of video cameras in the bed room?