Just Cool Enough Got Nominated!

A few weeks ago when we passively asked you guys to go to Podcast Awards and nominate us for an award we had no idea anything would actually come of it, but here we are a few weeks later and Just Cool Enough is nominated. I can't think of the words too thank you guys enough. Everything feel just to empty to express our gratitude towards you guys.

We have been doing this show for over a year and although not a ton of people listen to it, those of you that do always surprises us with how much love you send our way. You are the ones that make all the work we do here feel like it's not even work. Although we will most likely be crushed under the weight of all the podcasts we are nominated against, we can't help but be grateful for all of the support you folks show us on a daily basis. 

Thanks. Also, go vote for us!

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