Fat Loser: Let's Get Physical

Last week I showed you where I started from with a bunch of pictures of my fat self. Although, it kind of came off as me bragging which was not my intention and thanks to all those pictures, I have successfully made sure no women will ever want to sleep with me. The things I do for you people.

This week I want to talk about exercise. No matter what your fitness level is, exercise seems like it’s a good thing. You figure that if you just start doing it, you will lose weight. That is true in theory. In practice it’s not as simple. As strange as this might sound: Don’t exercise.

Now, stay with me on this for a minute. I do not mean to say that exercise is not a great form of weight loss or you should not live an active life. What I am trying to convey is that if you are just starting out in your weight loss quest, exercise is not the place you might want to make the first changes. As much as I would loved to tell you that you can just start going to your local gym to shed the pounds, it’s not entirely true.

If you are fat, it is because you eat to much. Augmenting your eating habits with physical exertion might not help as much as you think. Typically, after a work out you will feel the need to eat and replenish the calories you burned. If you already eat a ton, you are only going to end up eating even more and will offset and calories you might have burned. The first step is getting you eating under control before you start running the Boston Marathon.

That being said, there are way that you can be a little more active without going nuts. If you are a small moon like I was not to long ago, you can start off by doing some walking. Take a walk around a block or two every day. If you ride the bus, get off a stop or two early and walk the rest of the way. This my not burn much of your fluffy center away, but it will help a little bit and will get you into the habit of being physically active.

So now that you have trimmed a few pounds, do you strap on your running shoes and try and beat your best mile time? I would not advice it. This was an early mistake I made. I dropped half a dress size and decided to hit the streets in a full run. I made it almost to the end of the block before I couldn’t go much further. Running take conditioning, which I didn’t have at that point and the next day I was more then a bit sore. If I slowed down or kept at it a little more I might have gotten better, but I picked a different path.

I pulled my bike out of the garage and headed around the neighborhood. Bicycling is a much lower impact form of exercise so it is easier to get into. I still didn’t go all that far before I was out of breath, but it was a easier and I did it for slightly longer before caving in to my need to stop and eat a donut. I kept it up and with in a day or two I had the stamina to go around the block. Then I went around twice. Then I started to add another block to my route. I kept pushing myself a little more ever few days until I was riding all around the neighborhood. Bicycling became one of may favorite things to do over the summer vacation from highschool 2.0 (community college). I was enjoying the rides so much that it didn’t even matter that I was just using it as an excuse not to go running. God, I hate running.

By the time classes started up, I was totally shocked at how much better I was looking. This was the time when I first got the confidence to start posting pictures and video of myself on the internet. I’d been podcasting for about two years at that point and the only picture of me was my senior yearbook photo.
I still was not in shape, as I found out when I enrolled in cardio kickboxing in the spring semester, but it really got me in line towards where I am today. Even as much as I had lost, I still almost keeled over during the first class.  Now I do a little cardio and some weight training, but if I tried to jump into the level of activity I do now when I was carrying a whole other persons worth of weight on my body, I would have just quit...

Or had myocardial infarction.


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