Proper grammar is sexy

This is literally an unaltered (except for personal info) email that I received the other day:

Hi I want to get to know you I'm Q ?

Hello Thanks for Giving me the chance to get to know you I'm Very APPRECIATED. My name is Que , Coming from Cleveland ,Ohio I'm on the west side of Youngstown, Ohio or More Like Austintown,Ohio Your photo and or profile caught my eye,Please read my profile and you'll get a better outlook on me , I can be reach write or Buzz me on Yahoo dot com Messenger , my ID is [Something Crazy] or email me ? ..PS.. I can't wait to get to meet you and be a good friend or more with you .....I'm looking to get to know you if you let me , ITS UP 2 U. Luv, I can Also be reach at this number ([#s!]) ( only if you serious and wanting to speed up the emailing and text in back and fourth and all, I really don't like that but their those who feel that's what they want to do endless email and text Just Call me ask for Que if your serious.? Here's a Brief Syn opsis of myself : I'm into the Entertainment Industry,Marketing, Promotions, I'm a DJ , 5'9 tall ,slim, Single , no Kids around , By myself, in College a full time student . Want to know more get in touch not looking for Drama, Scams, Website Invites, Insecure Women? or Women who don't ever have the time then why your here ? .....I want 2 Love Someone and be Loved by Someone Maybe You??? Sincerly,,, I_Que_Fynist........ECT......

Lesson for today: at least pretend like you’re an intelligent member of society.

If anyone can decode this, I’d greatly appreciate a translation. I can get about half way through, and then my brain just starts screaming  “GET OUT NOW!” in case there are any word bombs planted in this minefield of a paragraph.




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