Not Lost But Found

So, everyone on this site has a little something other than their shows they like doing. From playing games, knitting, or attempting to connect to people through social networking.  I will admit that in the past I have tried to do a look at iTunes apps but never got a strong response from it and I kind of let it go. One thing that the others on this site had that my app reviewed lacked was the fact that they LOVED what they did. Reviewing apps is fun but it’s nothing I would say I am passionate about.

What does this mean? Well I found something I am truly passionate about and would like to bring to you all out there on the net. Many of you may or may not know that I have an affinity for art, what you don’t know is that I have a real passion for music. I, in fact, about 10 instruments have plans to get another degree in music and music education.

What does this mean for you? Every week I am going to review some music and fill you in on an artist, band, song, or album that may be new or old. Hopefully it will be music that you will take the time to check out because you may not be familiar with it. So without further due, I bring you the first installment of Not Lost But Found.

The Delgados

If you are an anime fan of sorts you may have already heard of this band. The Delgados did the theme song for a series called The Gunslinger Girls called, “The Light Before We Land.” Named after a cyclist who won the Tour de France, Pedro Delgado, the band is considered alternative with a mix of strong guitar licks, solid procession, and a bit of electronic mix to really given a sense of wholeness to their sound. Headed by two singers, Alun Woodward and Emma Pollock, the band hailed from Scotland and put out their first album in 1996 under the title Domestiques. In total they produced 8 albums and 15 singles/EPs.

Their music is easy to listen to. It’s definitely not a get up and rock around the room type of music. In fact many of their tracks have a sort of haunting sound or subdued rock feeling. However, their music never seemed to get the respect or attention that some of the band (and critics) seemed to think it deserved and the band dissolved in April of 2005.

If you like laid back music that you can drive to, read to, sleep to, or just plan tune out the world to then this is a band you definitely should check out. Although the band has split iTunes still gives you access to many of their albums. The two singers have also started their own side projects also available on iTunes but it’s just not the same as The Delgados. If you listen to no other song by The Delgados you MUST listen to The Light Before We Land. That song in particular showcases the overall feeling and sound of the majority of The Delgados music.

I love music as well as finding new (old) interesting music and sharing it. If you found this little blurb to be helpful please leave a comment. Also feel free to e-mail me or gift iTunes music to me at if there are any bands, songs, or albums that you think people should know about. I will even give any local band you may know of or be a part of a chance for exposure.

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