Joe's Skid Marks - Top 10 Most Overrated Vehicles

It's true everyone I'm finally getting around to blogging and if there's one subject that I know and love more than anything it is the automotive industry. This blog is going to consist of anything that I want to talk about concerning vehicles the automotive industry and maybe even the occasional vehicle review.

Everyone knows the best way to start off the blog is to have a list. I'm going to be talking about the top 10 most overrated vehicles I have experienced.

10. Toyota Corolla 

Toyota Corolla – If a bowl of oatmeal can be turned into a vehicle, the Toyota Corolla would be that vehicle. I just can't understand what would draw somebody towards a Toyota Corolla. If you are shopping on price you can find better alternatives like the Suzuki SX4 or Hyundai Elantra. Not to mention that the Hyundai and Suzuki have much more character. If you are going to buy the Corolla based on value I would say go with the Honda Civic or even the new VW Jetta. The Corolla is not a jack of all trades, it doesn't have the best crash safety test rating. It's not the fastest 0 to 60. It's not even a good value. Riding in the Corolla is like sitting on a well padded park bench and driving a Toyota Corolla is like getting a paper cut for the first time. You only remember it because it was so terrible.

9. Ford "Police Interceptor" Crown Victoria

Ford "Police Interceptor" Crown Victoria – I love the Ford police interceptor Crown Victoria, But it still has to make my list for being overrated. If it's your dream to be chasing down criminals on the highway in a squad car lights and sirens blaring, become a police officer. The Crown Victoria police interceptor is not going to fill that void in your life. It is large, slow, and has a horrible turning radius with bad gas mileage. The 4.6 L V-8 makes a great sound and it's comfortable to ride in, but the downside of getting a decommissioned police vehicle is the ridiculous amount of abuse that has taken. It is hard to find one of these vehicles in good working order and you're almost guaranteed to have major problems. Driving a police interceptor is similar to driving a small city bus that sounds like a GT Mustang (or Econoline).

8. Pontiac Grand Am

Pontiac Grand Am – The Grand Am is the ultimate douche-ride. It looks sporty, but it's not because it is underpowered and the suspension is made of refried beans. Even with the ram air option, the car just does not have the balls you think it would. The inside is worse than the outside. The interior is complete junk made of hard plastic's and has large gaps in the interior paneling. Also, its reliability is just okay. The part that makes it overrated is the gratuitous use of exterior plastic styling. I've molded better designs in the toilet without using my hands.

7. Lexus the Brand

Any car made by Lexus (other then the LFA) – Buying a Lexus is a pretty big commitment to being boring. They are known for their ride, comfort, and lackluster design. That's fine, sometimes being understated is classy, but buying a Lexus tells the world two things about you; you don't value your money or your too stupid to comprehend driving dynamics. If you're buying a Lexus for comfort go for a Cadillac or Lincoln and if you're not a fan of domestic vehicles try an Acura or BMW. The ride quality is excellent and there is loads more technology so you won't be disappointed every time you drive your vehicle.

6. Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 

Dodge Charger/Chrysler 300 – Have you ever heard the saying “it's what's inside that counts”. The Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 are great examples of having ugly insides. It is hard to dispute the good looks of both cars on the outside, but let's not judge a book by its cover. Once you jump in to a Dodge charger or Chrysler 300 you never feel at home no matter how long you spend in the car. The large interior may sound cavernous on paper, but feels claustrophobic because of the small windows and high hip line of the vehicle. People that buy these cars are generally more about style over substance, but damn it they look good with deep dish 22 inch rims.

5. Volkswagen Old Beetle

Volkswagen Old Beetle – Driving an old Volkswagen beetle is fun for about 15 minutes, then you realize that it only has 55 hp. After the 16th minute, you realize that you're driving a tin can with a four-cylinder air cooled motor. The old 1960s beetle was a childhood dream of mine because of Herbie the Love Bug. Then I figured out hippies don't know anything about driving.

4. All Hummers

Hummers – I'm trying to discriminating against all Hummers. The giant H1 Hummer is a sweet vehicle. It can do pretty much anything from take small arms fire, to run over small baby seals in the Arctic. The problem is the H1 hummer only has four seats and they are spread so far apart and the H1 is so loud when you're driving, you can't talk to anyone in the H1. The H2 Hummer is a poser vehicle. You'd be better off getting Cadillac Escalade because they look better and drive better. The Hummer H3 is not even a poser vehicle because it's for soccer moms. Hummer is slow, fat, and dumb. Three things no one wants to be

3. The Smart Car


The Smart Car – the Smart car is small and slow but surprisingly big on the inside. I actually like the Smart car. The problem with the Smart car and why it is overrated is because of its size. People think that the car will get 90 miles per gallon because of its small stature, but the Smart car was never designed to be a gas mileage miser. The Smart car was designed to be a city car for packed urban environments. Getting good gas mileage was just a side effect of its size. The reason I say the Smart car is overrated is because for the price you can get a real car like a Toyota Yaris or Ford fiesta and get comparable gas mileage with more storage room, more seats, and more power.

2. Lamborghini's

Most Lamborghinis – Lamborghinis are overrated. They don't have the racing pedigree of a Ferrari and they are not as well appointed as an Austin Marten or Bentley. They are basically the Pontiac Grand Am's of supercars. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely would love to drive one and if I ever got the chance I could die happy. It still does not change the fact that they are overrated compared to their better competitors. A Lamborghini is a great poster to have in your childhood bedroom, but there are better choices if you have that kind of money to spend.

1. All hybrid vehicles


All hybrid vehicles – You're not making the leaves greener because every hybrid vehicle is a sham. I'm not against hybrids, I'm just against the people who buy hybrids and think they're saving the environment. I can understand buying a hybrid if you plan on keeping that hybrid for 5 to 10 years so you can see the benefit in saving gas, but generally hybrids are not worth the extra money you spent on them. If you are driving a hybrid and you think you are saving the environment, the sad fact is you're not. You are just as bad as the guy next to you driving the 1988 Camaro. You are merely offsetting where your pollution is being made. Hybrid vehicles are a not even a stopgap solution to a bigger problem, the world's dependency on fossil fuels. If you really cared about the environment you'd be driving a Tata Nano powered by compressed air. Oh yeah and the batteries in your hybrid motor are extremely toxic to the environment. If you really want to make an impact on the environment stop driving! What I'm trying to say here is, hydrogen is a much better alternative to fueling vehicles and hybrid vehicles are overrated.


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