Slugs ends the great size debate


Sup, Nerds.

Men have it easier than women, let’s just start out saying that. A quick glance at our chest and you can tell whether or not we are well endowed. You know right away…big, small, medium, ripe, saggy. I know that some bras make some chests appear bigger or perkier then what they really are, but at least you get a general view of what we got going on.

Girls do not get that luxury. We have to wait until you’re hard, and rubbing all up on us to see how big your junk is. And let’s just be honest, if a guy’s hard, then he’s probably trying to do you, so you literally have to wait until you’re right there in the sex to figure out any sizing issues.

With all that said, I know there’s an age old debate…does size matter? I’m going to settle this once and for all.

YES IT MATTERS! Any girl that says differently is just lying or has never experienced both a large and small member inside of her. BUT, while having sex with a well endowed man is way more pleasurable, small penises get their own little perks too. (Haha, get it? Little perks.)

I will do everything I can to avoid giving big penises blow jobs. Small penises…sure, no problem. Big penises…it’s anxiety worthy. I can hardly fit a whole sushi roll in my mouth let alone something that roughly resembles the size of my forearm. Don’t get me wrong, the sex is amazing, just don’t expect too many blow jobs seeing as I cannot unhinge my jaw.

Also, if you have a third leg down there…3 hours of sex is just not gonna work. As amazing as that sounds, I can only straddle a massive shlong for so long. I think I’d be good in what, 20-40 min? Yeah, then I might need a break, but you better believe I’m comin back for more.

So what do all my little pinky dicks do? Sit back and enjoy the blow jobs. When you get to the sex, put her on top, it feels bigger when we’re on top. If it’s really small, put her on her back, legs in the air, crossed. If that doesn’t work…I don’t know. I’ll do some more research and get back to ya.

And what about…”it’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean?” The ocean motions a hell of a lot better with a yacht than a tug boat. I’m just sayin… but yes, even if you’ve got a dinky life boat, knowing the motions is definitely going to get you laid more.  Having a big dick will get you laid most. I know pinky dicks, I know. Unfair. But it’s a cruel world we live in. At least you don’t ever have to worry about your dick getting stepped on.



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