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Posted By Ike

Now, my style of gaming is a bit different from Erics. I play WoW on my computer with a bit of L4D2 and then I only own Rock Band 1,2, and Beatles on my X-Box. My gaming world is limited and I enjoy it. However, I have begun to expand my, "gaming," to the iPod touch and iPad.

The following is a small review on a few of the iPod Touches new games out there ranging from the time wasters to the attempts at being legit games.

Chaos Rings by Squre Enix. Co. $12.99

If you liked the Final Fantasy style of combat this game is for you. This gaming style lent itself well to the touch format. The idea of this RPG is that your characters (as you have two groups of characters to play as) are thrust into this odd world where they will be forced to fight or die. There are a multiple endings and it is surely a game to keep you busy for hours on end and has plenty of play time as you have various characters to go through the game with again. However, it seemed to me that the game was very repetitive. If you get the game you better be a fan of the combat system because you will see it A LOT! The game has a few puzzles mixed in to keep things interesting. The game has a wonderful sound track and plenty to do. But for me, the game was a bit TO repetitive to hold my interest and I haven't finished it yet. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

Battle Bears: Zombies by SKYVu Pictures inc. $1.99 (free trial available)

Straight up shooter of sorts. This game is a 3rd person (bear) shooter where you have to fend off your bunker from the onslaught of various teddy bears both alive and undead. You are provided with a veriety of weapons to choose from as you level up. The game involves a two "joystick," type system to control the angle and range of fire and the other to actually fire the weapon you hold on your hand. This is a good app to pass time with but make sure it short amounts of time as this game doesn't provide much edge of the seat, thought provoking enjoyment. I give it 3 out of 5 stars.

Zombie farm by Playforge Free App

Look out farmville addicts. This game not only allows you to grow your farm of crops but also gives you the ability to grow zombies to attack the neighboring AI to get money or brains which are both important to by in game items. This game is free and doesn't require constant attention. However, at around level 13 or so in order to go on you many need to invest a little of your actually hard earned cash to continue to make zombies that can stand up to the computer AI. It's a plesant little game that has a Facebook link to provide you with more gold once a day for each friend you can convince to play the game. The game currently has AI up to level 21. You gain XP from harvesting crops and zombies. Once you get enough XP to get to level 21 you can pass it, but there is no new AI types to face after that. The games fun some-what drops after that and you find yourself moving on. The game looks like it is designed to have additional product added to it, when that will be is still a big question. This game is a fun time waster and allows you to have a green thumb even if you can't keep a real garden alive. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Angry Birds by Clickgamer Technologies $.99 (free version 12 levels and iPad verson for $5)

This is a fun little puzzle game. The green pigs took the birds eggs and the birds will stop at nothing to get back at the pigs. The idea of this game is to use a sling shot to shoot the birds into the green pigs to destroy them. Various types of birds different abilities. There are over 100 levels with more on the way. Each level allows for a score of 1 to 3 stars depending how effectively you can kill the pigs and how many points you can rack up for destorying their buildings. It makes for great replay value and if you are like me you try to 3 star everything so you can unlock the achievements. Very fun app that challanges the brain and before you know it hours will pass and you will leave a wave of pigs and distruction behind you. The free verson has exclusive levels. I give this app 4.5 stars out of 5.

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