iGames Review v.3

Posted by Ike

This week I did a little digging to find some truly awesome games as well as some games to completely numb your brain. Thankfully, this weeks review has better designed and more interesting games then weeks past.

Block Me Free by Kirakorn Chimkool for iPod Touch/Phone only (Free) *.99 cents for content/fuctionality

This app is a puzzle game that is a great way to pass the time. The idea of this game is to get the red block out of the board threw the hole in the right side of the board. This is done by moving the brown blocks around to let the red one out. It may seem easy until you realize that the brown blocks can only move up and down if they are tall, and left and right if they are wide. I strongly recommend the free verson as it has many hours of puzzles for being a free verson. In otherwords, there are so many puzzles don't bother with the $.99 verson until you take the time to finish them all. There is a relaxed mode in the free verson that allows you to do puzzles at your own pace, or a timed "challange," verson for those who like to beat the clock. It's a simple game that will push your brain to work in the higher level puzzles, I give it a 4 out of 5 star.

Cogs by Lazy 8 Studios for iPod Touch/Phone ($.99) and iPad ($4.99/lite verson available)

This can be a fun game once you get used to the controls as some of the puzzles move in 3D. It's a simple puzzle game where you are the "inventor" getting these creations to work properly. You are given a set of gears that move up and down or left and right and you slide them into place to get the gears to line up and the machine to work. You are graded on the time it takes, the number of moves you use and your ability to finish the puzzle. There are other game modes like beat the clock or complete the puzzle in X moves. Learning how to turn the puzzles in space when it comes time to do the 3D versons can be a bit tricky but once you complete the machine it animates and seems to come to life. If working in 2D like Block Me isn't enough for your but you are looking for a fun challange Cogs is more up your ally. The lite vison only gives you a small taste but the game is fun and completing the machines to make them do something gives a real sense of accomplishment. I give this game a 4 out of 5 stars.

Compression by Little White Bear Studios for iPod Touch/Phone (free/$1.99) and iPad (free)

If you're a fan of Tetris then this is a game you might like. The idea is that you are given blocks that drop from the top of the screen. You have to fit the colors together and get three colors in a row or more to make those blocks disapper. Your task is to elimiate any blocks with the center mission. Now, much as this games name suggests, every so often the screen is compressed by moving the walls in or the floor up changing the game board and your stratagy. Using your finger you can change the order/shape of the blocks by click on them as fall, and you also use your finger to drag the blocks into position. There is one downside to this game. I have played it for both the touch and for the iPad. Due to it's screen size the iPad provides a much better gaming platform. If you play this on the touch/phone be aware that it can be hard to drag the blocks or tap on them to change block order/shape. I am going to give this game two ratings, one for the touch and one for the iPad. Upside is, both versons have a nice sound track provided in the game. If you buy the paid verson for the iPod touch/phone your basically getting access to a bit more online interaction but it's really not worth it. For the touch this game gets a 2.5 out of 5, small screen makes game play hard. I give it a 3.5 out of 5 for the iPad, better screen size, better gaming quality, however after a while the game play can get repeditive but it will keep you on the edge of your seat. Other nice thing about this app is that if you quit it in a game it saves where you left off.

Sudoku (Free) by Might Might Good Games for iPod touch/Phone (free)

Sadly this game is only for the iPod touch/Phone. However it will still work on the iPad it just won't take up the whole screen. There are two other versons of Sudoko by Might Might Good Games which cost money to get, soon unless you are looking for expert Sudoku, stick with the free one which has a few non-evasive ads. What's nice about this particular app is that it does have easy-expert difficulty and the ability to save your game while playing so if you need to leave it you can come back to where you left off. Another plus is "note," feature in the game allowing you to input in tiny yellow numbers any of the possible numbers that will fit. The game keeps track of the time (which the game is open) that it takes you to do the puzzle. There is also a hint feature in case you get stuck, and you can hit the hint button as many times as you want. For a free Sudoku game it's everything you might need if you had your pad and pencil out in front of you. I give this game a 4.5 out of 5, it's simple, clean, easy to use, and most of all, it's free.

Minigore by Chillingo Ltd. for iPod touch/Phone ($.99) and iPad ($4.99)

If you have seen, heard, or played the game on Xbox called, "I made a game with Zombies in it," and you loved it, then this game is for you. In this game you help nagivate John Gore through various levels of on-coming blood thursty furry creatures. You use two hands to control the character. One controls the direction you run and the other controls the direction you shoot. It's a fantastic game to sit back and spend some time playing. You run around a square space with a gun and you can get temperary upgrades to your weapons as you run. You also can pick up clovers to give John Gore a superhuman boost which seems to turn him into a bull like creature. The sound track and voice overs are fantastic. The longer you play the more you unlock in the game including alternate character skins. It's an action packed blast and a truely fun game. The game itself has awesome rating in both the iPod and iPad editions. I would recommend this game to anyone that wants a challange and loves to blast the crap out of furry creatures. I give this game a 5 out of 5 stars. This game can keep you on the edge of your seat and put a smile on your face, it's a great time.

If you have any games you think should be reviewed e-mail me at and let me know.

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