Fat Loser: The Pen Is Mightier Than The Burger

Much like televisions Dexter, I have a dark rider that follows me everywhere I go. A monster living deep down inside of me that is always hungry. A shadowy creature who’s appetite can not me quenched. Over the past few years I have fought to suppress him but he is ever present in my life.

Over the holidays I let him out to gorge on all the delicious treats around me with the thought that, when the festivities are over he would just get locked away again. This did not work out so well. With the new year upon us, I found myself unable to control my eating as well as I had just weeks before. I needed a way to get back on the wagon. My only recourse was to bust out a pen and some paper.

I thought that I had somehow cured my problem with eating. Over the past two or three years, I have cut down my calorie intake little by little until it was within normal human parameters. I had even let my inner sloth demon out every so often to keep him in check. We seemed to have a good relationship going, but as holidays came I let him have free rain over my eating habits for two whole weeks and for some strange reason I had a hard time kicking the habit once thing went back to normal.

I found myself back into the old habits that got me to the degree of enormity that I was at before. I went from a human being eating like a human should to a Blue Whale feeding on whole schools for krill in order to sustain myself for the long swim to warmer waters. It had got so out of hand and I didn’t know how to stop it.

Then I remembered how I was able to stem the tide of food I shoveled into my face. I joined My Fitness Pal and started to record the things that I ate. When I started to keep track of the foods that I ate on a daily basis, I started to make better decisions. Then I lost weight. It was a simple concept.

I don’t mean to tell you that to lose weight you have to join My Fittness Pal, but it would be a good idea if you had a place where you could record the calories that you eat to really show yourself how bad your eating habits are. That site just happens to be the tool I picked to help me with my goal. There are many different outlets for you to pick if you need the help. And lets face it, you need help. I can not imagine that there is any obese person out there that doesn’t struggle with eating less.

Weight loss is a precess. It takes time and dedication but it does get easier with time. Before the holidays rolled around. I’d all but stopped using My Fittness Pal and still lost weight because I developed the habit of eating less. These past few weeks served to show me that I have made real progress in changing my lifestyle, but I will never be rid of my craving to eat in excess. I know that I will slip again, but I won’t let that stop me from going on.

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