Not Lost But Found (Fink):

Born in 1972, Fin Greenall, known in the music industry as Fink, was born in England. His recording career began in 2000 with his first release, Fresh Produce. This first album was a far cry from where Fink has end up. The album was heavily produced work featuring many trip-hop tracks. The album fits nicely within the time frame it was produced, that is to say the album leads itself nicely to illustrating the sound of underground rap and trip-hop sounds of the time. However, this album would not define Fink or earn him the bigger following he has today.

Finks next release came six years later with the release of Biscuits for Breakfast. It was from this album I had heard my first Fink track (on the TV show Greek) titled, “Pretty Little Thing,” which tells a story about a chance encounter between a guy and a girl at a bar. The smooth talking guy in the story spots this girl from across the bar and smoothly works his way into a conversation with the girl and ends up getting her telephone number. It’s an interesting song which I would say if you listen to only one song by Fink, make sure it’s this one (and you can find it on or This Is The Thing. The overall album maintains a bluesy feel which varies from an upbeat feeling to a more subdued sound.

His follow up album, Distance and Time, released in 2007, has a more upbeat feel to the entire album. Still relying on the guitar and bass guitar to drive his songs, this album feels a bit more produced then Biscuits for Breakfast in the sense that it’s not just raw guitar licks. Fink worked with producer Andy Barlow to begin to grow his sound on this album, in my opinion it has a fuller sound at lacks a bit in the other album.  This is not an album to fall asleep to, but more one the sit back and listen to around the office, in your room, while having coffee, or out driving around.

Fink has released in total 4 albums to date with rumors of another one coming out in 2011. He maintains his bluesy feel but still continues to DJ under the name Sideshow. This is a great artist to chill and listen to. He has inspired some of my personal artwork and I find myself turning on his music some nights when I need to fall asleep or relax.

His music has been featured in Mastercard adverts, CSI New York, Stargate Universe, Friday Night Lights, Lie to Me, and the movies, and Dear John.

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