Not Lost But Found (Bitter:Sweet and DJ Shadow):

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Bitter:Sweet represents an interesting find for me. I had originally come across this band playing the game Tap Tap Revenge on my iPod touch. Their song The Bomb attracted my attention with its swing type feel. I just had to search out the band after that.

Bitter:Sweet finds itself filed in the electronic or trip-hop section of your local music store. The band is made up of two members, Shana Halligan, who provides the vocals and her counterpart Kiran Shahani, who writes and produces the songs. If you get a chance to listen to this Los Angeles based duo you’ll noticed right away that most of their songs feel like they could fit very well into a James Bond movie with their jazzy and almost sensual feel. This is what hooked me on their music.

Their music has appeared in episodes of Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Lipstick Jungle, Grey’s Anatomy, and the movie The Devil Wears Prada. And most recently they have put out a nice little EP entitled The Break Up released Dec. 28th, 2010. Sadly, visiting their official website only shows you how infrequently they update as most of the information reflects information current until 2008.

This is a group I would recommend to those who strong like any intro song to any James Bond movie. If you are looking for a jazzy group that would also make nice music to compliment a social, (to borrow a word from my English friends) posh, bar scene also look this group up. If you only listen to one song this duo puts out, check out the song Dirty Laundry.

Another interesting factoid, at first listen I came across the bands song called, Dirty Laundry, and thought I had stumbled onto the song that Eminem may have sampled from for his song, “What’s the Difference,” featuring Dr. Dre and Xzibit. Upon further research I found out that both groups had in fact sampled from Charles Aznavour’s song Parce Que Tu Crois.

User Input Thingy:

DJ Shadow

Pointed out to me by a listener/visitor of this site, DJ Shadow happened across my radar. I will admit right away that I do not have a huge collection of music created by DJs. I used to listen to some techno music and I have even made some of my own years ago so this was a relatively new venture into uncharted waters for me. However, I was happy to give an listen to this artist as I am always looking to extend my music collection.

DJ Shadow, born Joshua Paul Davis, released his first album in 1996 titled Endroducing. Sampling and creating beats his first album has a early hip-hop/rap feel to it but mixes it with many other types of music such as classical, electronic, and a touch of swing to create a diverse album. As this Californian based DJ continued to slowly release albums his sound became more refined and evolved. Weaving together the elements that made his first album diverse and interesting he continued to build and improve his sound.

I will warn you, if you aren’t a huge rap fan the majority of his work is still a pleasure to listen to, however avoid his album The Outsider. I throw that out there because it is an album that is far different from any other he has produced. The album is a definite through back to his roots working with MCs but a departure from much of his beloved turn table solo style music.

If you like old school hip hop groups like Jurassic 5 or even DJ’s like Fat Boy Slim you might find yourself grooving to the tracks laid down by DJ Shadow. If you really like rap, and I am not talking about the Eminem style rap, but the type made by artists like Q-Tip and David Banner then check out the album The Outsider (as both those artists are featured on it). I can’t say that I would download albums straight off the net by this artist but I will admit that I am sure I will be picking and choosing my way across DJ Shadow’s album and adding his music to my ever growing collection.


Have a listen to these artists and leave a comment. I want to know what you think of these artists and whether you will find yourself adding them to your collection. Also, feel free to e-mail me at or gift music to me on itunes using that same e-mail address if you have a song, album, or artist you think I should look into.

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