Not Lost But Found (Wintersleep):

Wintersleep isn’t exactly a popular and well known band, but their music has been featured on TV show  Being Human (US version) and the David Letterman show. I in fact heard of this band thanks to the show Being Human on the Syfy network singing their song, “Weighty Ghost.” I decided to search out the band and see what else they had to offer my ears. I was able to get my hands on a copy of their albums Welcome To The Night Sky and New Inheritors.

Wintersleep is a Nova Scotia based band comprised currently of 5 members, Paul Murphy (vocals/guitar), Jon Samuel (backup vocals/keyboards/guitar), Mike Bigelow (keyboards/bass guitar), Tim D’Eon (guitar/keyboards), and Loel Campbell (drums/guitar). The band formed in 2001 and released their first two albums in 2006. The band signed with a new label and re-released these albums in the US and Canada before releasing the album Welcome to the Night Sky in 2007. Before their release of the next album in 2009 the band received the Juno Award for “Best New Group of the Year.”  A visit to their website will let you know that the band is planning on releasing yet another album soon as they are headed into the studio to record presently.

Enough about the band, what about the music you ask? As I had mentioned the band can be likened to a lot of diverse artists. They have a unique sound but to liken them to other bands you may be familiar with, I named off Coldplay, REM, The Killers, U2, or the Foo Fighters. The band is easy to listen to and their lyrics give you images to think about, stories to make up, and generally a laid back good feeling.  I am sure this band is one of those that would definitely be good to see live, and I don’t say that about may bands. Like Radiohead, not good to see live, this band I am sure would be.

If you listen to only ONE song this band has written you have to listen to Weighty Ghost. It isn’t necessarily a good representation of the overall bands sound but it is a catchy tune that will get you hooked on the band. If you want one song that will give you an overall feel for the band’s sound check out the song Mausoleum from the album New Inheritors or Astronaut from the album Welcome to The Night Sky.

Next week look forward to two bands again as I checkout a user suggested artist. If you have an artist or band you would like to me let people know about you can send me a link on facebook or respond to this post and I may chose yours. Or if you want me to post about a band or group  you can send me some of their music on iTunes by gifting it to Until next time, tune in, turn up, and zone out. Also, have a listen to the band and let me know what you think of them, are they a band you would add to your play list? Why or why not? Leave a post.

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