Money can't buy you love...or a first date

Sup, Nerds

Okay, it would be amazing to date a billionaire that could buy me clothes and shoes and cars and jewelry all day every day. You know what would be even more amazing? Dating a normal guy with a low income who doesn’t hold stuff like clothes and shoes and cars and jewelry as some kind of bargaining tool. Dating a middle class man who makes me happy instead of having to buy me things to make me happy. Getting fulfillment out of the meat of the relationship, and not the accessories.  Yes, as much as girls like a nice bank account, the good ones are more than willing to surpass big bucks for big love. So…how do you find the good ones?

There’s a lot of well off guys out there who don’t know how to interact with women, and therefore try to buy their way into a relationship. And unfortunately, there are dragon bitches out there who will realize this, take advantage, and then leave my poor little rich nerds out in the cold once she has her fill of fancy things. So if you’re looking for a girlfriend but keep finding leeches, keep reading.

I was corresponding with a man last week. He was good looking, seemed very nice, intelligent, and stable, but he had absolutely no idea how to interact with me. He was the kind of guy that spent so much time dedicated to working hard in school, college and work that he never dated. Now, he has the money and the stability. Now, he wants the woman. This is what he worked so hard for: he’s financially very well off and has the means to take care of a wife and family.

Nice, intelligent good looking and stable. Now why the hell would I cancel our first date? When we first started talking, my crappy  phone’s texting got all wacky and I apologized to him for the weird messaging. He asked me a few questions about my phone, and then offered to buy me a new one and put me on his business account. Woah…wait, what? I mean, that’s a very nice offer buddy, but we’ve never even met before. I could tell that he just really wanted me to like him but it threw me for a loop. I just wanted to shake him and say NO! I want to like YOU not what you buy me! Had I been another girl, or even at a different point in my life, I might have seen this as an opportunity to make out on a guy. But he was seriously a nice guy. So I declined and told him that I was fine with what I had.

So a few days before the date, he asked me if I wanted to go anywhere after our dinner. I thought he meant a bar so I said sure. But they he asked what stores I liked.

Haha, Why?

Well, I thought I could take ya on a little shopping date. I know girls love shopping!

Oh, well I don’t really need anything…

But do you want anything? On me, I just want to get you something special.

haha, why?

I guess I just like ya ;)

That’s nice and all, but like I said, I don’t really need anything!

Come on, how about some shoes? Some sexy heels? ;)

No thanks!

Ok, well we can just go look around then.

Lol seriously, dinner’s fine.

Gosh you sure do make it hard for a guy to spoil ya! I might just have to surprise you then…

Yeah, not a big fan of surprises.

Haha, ok ;)

He kept bringing it up every time we talked. It got to the point where I felt like he was trying to buy me. I mean, yes, being spoiled is nice, but wait until we have an actual committed relationship before you even think about buying anything for a girl. I feel like when a guy tries to buy me stuff too soon, he’s actually trying to buy my vagina. My vagina is not for sale. I cancelled because he pushed it so much that I felt pretty uncomfortable.

I don’t know if this guy was trying to buy my vagina, but there are a lot of girls who will take what they can from a guy and run. Any girl that ever even hints at you buying her something early on is probably trouble. I know a lot of guys who have bought something for their not-even-girlfriend-yet, only for constant gifts to become an expected part of the relationship. These mostly ended with the guys getting their heart stomped on.

But I want her to like me! Then let her like you! YOU. Not the things you buy her. Honestly, even IN a relationship, buying your girl expensive thing isn’t the best idea. You want to show a girl you care…then the best thing you can do is tell or SHOW her. Through actual actions that in no way require a credit card or check book.  Trust me, hearing my guy tell me that he cares about me trumps even the most expensive Jimmy Choo Stilettos. Having a guy cook dinner, pick up my dry cleaning, wash some dishes, check the oil in my car…way better because it shows that you’re willing to put WORK into making me happy. Anybody can buy a Coach bag (ok, not anybody, they’re expensive but you know what I mean)…but it takes a special kind of man to hunker himself down in a cook book for me. So before you go to buy that nice gift thinking that the girl you give it to will like you more because of it, think about if you want her to like the gift or like you. Then go change her oil without her asking. Seriously…sexy.

Priceless Hugs,



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