Not Lost But Found (Bunny):


Alright, I have to admit I have come across a really obscure band. So much so it seems almost impossible to find them on the internet. In past weeks I have been able to provide you with a breakdown of the band, pulling from multiple sources to give you the bands background and origin. This week I have had no such luck seeking information on this band. I will do my best to provide you with a feel for the band and their music from my own perspective.

I originally came across the band at a very interesting point in my life. I won't go too deeply into it, but about 4 years ago I had gone through a rough break up with a long time girlfriend. I had spent most of my summer depressed and had just gotten back to school for the year after the girl told me she didn't want to ever talk to me again. I was using Firefox add-on, Stumble!, and I came across a visual artist by the name of Emiel Penders who did short animations. One of his projects he used the band Bunny's song How Does It Feel (which you can find under his film section, it's the black and white image with the tree). This song seemed to speak to me at the time so I figured I would track down Bunny on iTunes. More of the songs spoke to me and I grew to like them.

Bunny has a sort of alterative feel to their sound. Now I have to warn you. I found the band on iTunes 4 years ago, however, they are no longer on iTunes (at least here in the US), they don't seem to have a band website, they don't even to have more than one album, however you can find the band on Napster and Amazon. The albums name by the way is Play to My Own Tune and was released in 2007. The band relies a lot on guitar sounds, both acoustic and twangy electric sounds and simple dumb patterns.

Their music itself is both up beat and melancholy. The themes of their songs speak to a sense of loss or love lost which is where I first made my connection, other songs have more to do with a sense of missing someone or sadness. This is a great album for those days you may feel a little down yourself. It’s an album that anyone can relate to and I know it helped me get through some tough times. If you get the chance to seek out this band and find it in the back water parts of the internet it’s most definitely a band to check out. If you have no interest in spending time to look for the band, the easiest way is to actually use and look up “how does it feel bunny,” and you can see Emiel Penders short film there.

If you end up check out Bunny let me know in a comment on here what your take of this band, or their song How Does it Feel.

If you have any artist, band, or album that you think people should know about you can contact me at or use that e-mail address on iTunes to gift me songs you feel any person should have in their collection.

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