Running for my life!

Alright, so I have begged for money for my radio shows, for my birthday gifts, but now I want to ask for a little help. I have been working on getting in shape, running 30 minutes/3days a week working on getting the mile in 20 minutes. Losing weight and making an effort to eat better. Now I ask for your help to continue my trek to meet me wight goals and get in shape. I would like to get in shape and make an attempt to enter my first 5k obstacle course race. This is were you could come in and help me. I would like to ask for support in my goal to get there. Knowing people are supporting me would definitively help drive and motivate me to achieve my goal. There is something a bit... different about this race. What's that you ask? Well, zombies... lots and lots of zombies. Check out and look under the Boston section. The race is 3 miles of terror and it takes place May 5th. My goal is to raise $67 by November 13's registrations date. That would give me 7 months on training time to get used to running and climbing. Get in over all better shape. Will you help me run for my life on May 5th? If so, you can help out below by clicking on the donate button. I will attempt to get pictures of the event if I can. If I am fortunate enough to get more then $67 in donations I will donate the rest 50/50 to arts education and I have already recieved (updated) $45 of the $67 so far.

Head over to my tumblr account and click the donate button. 

Thank you to Mike M. for your $5 contribution

Thank you to Kristina S. for your $20 contribution.

Thank you to Jeremy C. for your @10 contribution.

Thank you to Jay R. For your $10 contribution.

I will do my best to bring some kind of video or pictures from the event, but I am not sure I can promise that as running from zombies and having to climb over walls and such wouldn't be conducive to carry a camera.

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