Warcraft Anonymous Episode 99b: Keep it Going! The Episodic Pen-Centennial

Alright, so I would like to welcome Warcraft Anonymous to What is the show you may ask? Where have you been? Warcraft Anonymous was the first show Ike ever did and unlike MaxSpeed we ACTUALLY keep making shows. Now, it's the first time we have introduced the show on JCE in a serious fashion and I would like to invite all of you (old or new listeners) to have a listen. You can find WA on iTunes as well.

Why did I bring this show up now? Well, this year is Blizzard Entertainment's 20th anniversary, and this weekend is Blizzard's 6th annual Blizzcon! Exciting! I KNOW! The other big thing is, it's WA 100th episode being recorded this Sunday night (tomorrow night as I write this). My co-host, Hiko, and I encorage you to have a listen to the show, write in to us with your questions about our show, where we met, anything you want (especially questions having to do with World of Warcraft) and we will answer them all on the show! That and we will talk about the latest and greatest news from Blizzard having to do with Blizzcon. In fact, I am watching the Foo Fighters concert live from Blizzcon and they are covering Pink Floyd at the moment, truely epic!)

So tune in, turn up, and zone out with Warcraft Anonymous with your hosts Hiko and Railvas.

Download it here

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