Not Lost But Found (The Jive Aces):

Back in high school I was the band nerd who lived on the fringes of the various clicks. I thought it was a perfect place as everyone left me alone and I could be friends, or at least acquaintances, with everyone. Due to my unique position in the social chain it allowed me to come across lots of odd music far removed from the “pop,” scene. Long story short I quickly fell in love with swing music. If it’s swing I love it. Might have something to do with the fact that I played saxophone for 8 years and tuba for 2.

Anyway, enough about me. The Jive Aces are a band that past by my ears lately as I was digging around iTunes store. The band, English in origin, formed in 1989 and seem to be still active. There isn’t much out there in the way of information on this band. The Jives Aces website lists them as the UK’s number 1 swing band. Most of what I came across mentioned their past shows and locations they have played. However, a visit to their office website reveals that the Jive Aces have 6 studio albums (sadly I have only been able to find 1, wish I could get the others). Their site also boasts the fact that the Jive Aces are a hard working band that put on over 300 shows a year and their lives shows are a spectacle to witness. On the US side, iTunes doesn’t provide much of their music but what I was able to find, I loved.  The band backs Scientology, not my choice, however at least as far as the album, Recipe for Rhythm, there aren’t any hidden means or religious promotions of any sorts. In fact, they even have a Christmas swing album out. The six piece band has it all, saxophones, washboard, spoons, ukulele, pianos etc.

Check out this band on youtube or iTunes and I am sure if you give the album, Recipe for Rhythm, you will find it hard to keep your feet from moving. It is an album that you will want to get your 1950’s Cadillac out and drive around to in the summer with the top down. Maybe if your are luckier then I, you will be able to find more of their music as the music appears to be very well received in the UK and Europe.

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