Not Lost But Found (Puscifer, The Black Angels, and Alexi Murdoch):


The first band I wanted to talk about today goes by the name Pusicfer. Let me start by saying this is an odd band. Odd in the sense that they cover a wide range of musical styles, from rock, gothic, club beats, country, and even fit under a type of music called comedy rock. I was on the fence a LONG time before I got anything by this artist and now that I have added it to my musical library I can’t stop listening to Pusicfer.

This band comes with a parental warning, their topics range from sex, to drugs, to Jesus, and vagina. In fact the band’s first album is titled V is for Vagina. The band is the product of a nice “side project,” of Maynard James Keenan, the lead singer of Tool and Perfect Circle (as well as a few others). Puscifer started is 1995 and continues to exist cranking out new tunes and remixes. To date the band has one album out (mentioned before), two remixed albums, and a few EPs.

A few of their mixes have made it into the soundtracks for the Underworld trilogy movies. That’s where I first heard one of their songs. To be honest, upon further research I found their other work and wasn’t very thrilled. I will put this out there, any band that just remixes, and remixes their stuff to seemingly get more money is a band I hesitate to support. I finally listened to a song of theirs called “Cuntry Boner,” and laughed so hard I bought it for my friends to hear. I also fell in love with the remix of Undertaker from the Underworld soundtrack so I ended up breaking down and getting all their music. Definitely not a bad move. I hate country, but when it’s in a context of making fun of something I tolerate it for the comedy aspect. I love Tools sound and Puscifer seems to capture some of that essence.

If you are fan of Tool, A Perfect Circle or enjoy some comical enjoyment check out this band, you’ll want to give Undertaker (Renholder remix), Cuntry Boner, and Sour Grapes “Legend of the mix.” Have a listen or check out

The Black Angels:

A few years back I had the chance to catch a show in Boston, Ma. Where Queens of the Stone Age headlined. An unfamiliar band opened for them by the name of The Black Angels. I sat back in awe in the tiny theater we were in. Thinking to myself, someone on acid out of the ‘70s would love this band!  Myself loving, “oldies,” music instantly fell in love with this neo-psychedelia band.

Hailing in from Austin, Texas, this band is comprised of six members, both men and women playing a verity of instruments. Most notably the “drone machine.” I remember looking at the stage and counting all the guitar players.  Formed in 2004, the band’s first album titled Passover went over well with the underground rock community. Since they have released two more albums to date. Their sound has remained consistent and it’s something I personally love.

Watching TV a few months back I noticed I heard a song in a commercial for the video game Fable 3. I figured out it was them. The Black Angels have also had their musical pieces in other shows like, Fringe, House, Dirt, Californication, and a few others.

If you like music you can groove to and various other legal and illegal things too then check out this band. Also if you like bands like Wolfmother, The Black Keys, or some of the Beatles later work, then check The Black Angels Out. They are definitely a musical treat for your ears. They sound sticks out in today’s auto-tuned, computer generated beats. I don’t have a song you SHOULD check out because their sound is pretty consistent. Just check them out!

Alexi Murdoch

For those of you who follow this little blog, this was an artist brought up in the last post. I had to look it up myself a found a few albums on iTunes. So I gave them a listen, and I have to say, when listening to Alexi I can picture being out in an open field in the summer looking at the blue sky. His music is definitely something you can either fall asleep to or just mellow out to. He has a folky sound to his music.

Alexi was born in London and raised in Greece. He moved to the US in 1998. His music gained much notoriety in L.A. when his music began to be played on a station there. Due to this fact many of his tracks have ended up in soundtracks like The Vampire Diaries, Away We Go, A Honda commercial, Dawson’s Creek, Stargate Universe, and many others. Alexi has released two albums to date, with another planned for 2011. He has kept his music under his own control by self-publishing his work. Although Alexi has received many offers from major record companies he wants to keep creative control so he refuses.

If you like artists like Nick Drake, Cat Stevens, or Gordon Lightfoot he is a sure fire for your music collection. Give him a listen, close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax. His music is easy to listen too, easy to think to, and easy to relax to. Check out his music on iTunes, you won’t be disappointed.

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