The hilariously wrong advice of one Doc Love

Sup, Nerds.

I just read probably the funniest “advice” article that I’ve ever encountered. It’s by a man who calls himself “Doc Love” and has a $99 book called “The System” that is supposed to teach guys how to get women to fall in love with them. Let me just say, if his book is anything like the short article of his that I just read, it is an overpriced piece of shit. You’d have better luck taking that $99 and paying a girl to date you than you would with his “system.” (Yeah, don’t actually do that…I’m just sayin…)

This guy is equal amounts of ridiculous and ignorant and unfortunately, the first thing that popped up under Google when I typed in “how long should I wait to call her.” I WAS going to do a post on the awkward time between getting a girl’s number and calling her, but instead I’m going to rant about idiot advice that you should not be listening to if you want to get within 100 miles of a good relationship.

Oh, and before I get into this, Nik, are you fucking serious? You got in a fight with your mom about leaving the toilet seat up and so you launch an in depth questioning session about toilet seats on a dating blog? Really? Because that doesn’t scream super nerd or anything. Alright, I’ll play along but only because I’m really bored right now…it’s not the “cold porcelain,” it’s the fact that the bowl’s circumference is quite a bit larger than the seat, and I don’t feel like falling in the fucking toilet when I stumble in the bathroom in the middle of the night. So just put the fucking seat down. It takes 2 seconds (or .04 seconds by your standard which is probably pretty accurate seeing as I’m a good 90% sure you timed yourself doing it for the sake of this question). Sorry if that inconveniences you but guys put the seat down after they pee. That’s just how the world works. Please keep reading because you probably need to find a good woman if this is what you’re currently spending your time and thoughts on, yo.

Anyways, onto the most redic dating advice I’ve ever heard. You ready for this?

Alright, so Doc Love. I’m almost tempted to buy his book because everything that I’ve read of his is just so absolutely and hilariously wrong that I seriously can’t even imagine what an entire book of his would look like.

Alright, so the two articles of his that I’ve read have both been responses to men saying  uh, yeah, you’re advice isn’t really working.  I’m going to call your attention to the first one that I found while trying to do a little research on what people say the accurate time is to call a girl after getting her number. Wanna know what he says? ONE FULL WEEK. Hahaha, yeah, wait a week and call. And listen to yourself get dumped before the first date, which, *surprise!* keeps happening to the guy who wrote in his question to Doc Love. (Here’s the link)

Have I mentioned that I’m not a relationship expert? Well, I’m not. BUT, I at least have common sense, a true sense of what women want, and no intent to screw any of my nerds over. Doc Love, well, he’s just giving guys what they want to hear and taking their money in return. Oh, the girl didn’t seem pleased that you waited a full week to call her after giving you her number? Well that’s because she’s uptight and crazy! Hahaha, or she has a brain. I don’t care how cute/nice/fun/sweet a guy is. If he waits a full week between asking for my number and actually calling me, I take that as a major red flag for:

-This guy is a douche bag.

-This guy isn’t interested.

-This guy has no consideration for my time or feelings.

-This guy is a player who can’t find a girl to sleep with tonight and found my number in his coat pocket.

-This guy sucks.

And then, as a smart, strong woman, I don’t fucking fall into his arms the moment he decides to grace me with a call. In fact, I probably wouldn’t answer, or call him back. But then again, I’m a girl that hates games. If you play a game, the only girl you’re going to “get” is one who also likes to play games or one who doesn’t have a lot of self respect/worth.

So yeah, guys, take a look at Doc Love. Let me know what you think of him. Is this honestly advice that you listen to? Because then I may have found a key problem in why men and women can’t communicate very well. We’re getting totally wrong, horrible advice on how to handle each other. If this is the current type of advice you’re listening to…stop. Just stop. I mean, do you really want to take DATING advice from this guy??????

                                                          ...Yeah, didn't think so. 




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