X&Y: It's like sex, but worse.

Totally new podcast for your listening ears. We here at JCE took what was popular about Slug's," Doing it with Slugs," cranked it through the intertubes, purified it, and added a pinch of testosterone and BAM! You get X&Y. This show won't run every week but it will be another way to get some advice from everyones favorite dating blogger, Slugs. Joined by Ike, the two will take on and take down any questions relationship, sex, or toliet seats. Tune in and have a listen.

This week you can follow along with Slugs and Ike by checking out (as made mention of in her last blog post) Doc Love. So tune in and let the questions flow. If you want to get in on the action with Ike and Slugs you can write your questions to and if she doesn't get to your questions on her blog then look forward to hearing them answered on the show!

Download The Mp3 Here

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