Just Cool Enough: Episode 103 - Outboard Motor Zombie


This weeks show opens with us answering an email about video game collectors editions which obviusly lead to us discussing a theoretical fight between zombies and manatees. Thanks to my move to Los Angeles and pure laziness, Joe picked out the content for this week which is why it is the way it is. 

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Show Notes

Current Events

How not to give clothing back to an ex

Police charge man over water fight planned on BlackBerry Messenger

He challenged his GF to naked sword duel

Bradley Hubbard died in a bizarre attack at a glow-in-the-dark mini-putt

Drowning in an elevator

Have you seen this Shit?

PG-Rated Lapdance


Kid goes to camp for 4 weeks with instructions to stay out of his room. Family doesn't listen.

Surprise Wedding: Bride Had No Idea

Mystery Team

X&Y: In the works

Just Cool Enough: Episode 102 - Let Him Die!