X&Y: In the works

We were all set to record last night then, literally as I said, "here we go," to start the show the power went out on my block due to a car accident. Due to the tight schedule Slugs and I have we are putting off to next week, but don't let that stop you from getting in early on what was going to be this weeks question of the week. Send us an e-mail answering either or both of the following questions:

1.) Has there ever been a time you droped the, "L," word (love) and have it not turn out the way you expected it?

2.) With school starting for a lot of people who are going to college or starting their sr. year of high school/college, is it worth starting or staying in a relationship when you KNOW it will end at the end of the year?

Leave a post here or e-mail us at, or find us on twitter @xnyshow.

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