Got a minute?

Hi, it's Ike. So, I know I am always asking for help with this, that, or the other things. So far, listeners and supporters of JCE have helped me raise $45 dollars for Relay for Life (an event to raise money to help fight cancer). If you would still like to help with that, you can donate by clicking on the PayPal link right here.

However, that's no the only reason I wanted your attention. On a note that won't cost you any money, I have entered a photo contest on Facebook through a group that does great a iPhoneography blog. With my recent interest in iPhoneography I thought this would be a great opertunity for me. Here is where you come in, click this link and hit the vote button! You can vote once a day until April 9th.

What is this contest for you ask? No money, but the winner gets a large print of their photo on a really nice canvas and Life in lofi (the bloging group) will do a story about me. This could net me some really positive exposer. Click the link to vote and help support this artist.

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