Ike: The Philanthropy Guy

Man, almost forgot to post this, got caught up watching Eric's Opinion of Diablo 3 below. As many of you know I like to legitimately raise money for various things here at justcoolenough. Number one on my list is, because without listener support (doesn’t mean just money, email us people, we like emails that don’t just involve people making fun of us) we wouldn’t have a show.

You’re money has helped our site remain running, provided Eric with the materials to do Eric’s Opinion, Joe with the ability to borrow money (and always pay it back) to cover various expensive that allow him to maintain being part of the show, and for myself, half the cost of an inexpensive graphics card so I can see the screen when doing the show.

Beyond those expenditures that help us provide you with the quality entertainment you get from JCE every week, the money given to us by users has also been given back to the community at large. I matched half of a $50 donation made by JCE (so total of $75) to help families during the holidays pay for toys for children. You listeners personally got me to Run For You Lives so I could get eaten by zombies (video up in 3 days from this post), and now I would like to ask for your help with another endeavor.

I am participating in the relay for life. I am walking because my mother had breast cancer twice and survived. Other people aren’t so lucky and no one deserves to lose their life to cancer. My goal is to raise $300 by June 22, 2012. However, I have done most of the work so far!

I have raised $40 in cash from friends and coworkers. Thanks to the donations of friends and family online I have raised an additional $200 online. That puts me $60 away from my $300 goal. This is where you can come be not only my hero, but help someone truly in need.

Thanks to the donations I got to do the Run for Your Lives 5K, you all have helped me lose 28 pounds since Novermber. Now help me help someone else in need who really needs it. Click the link below, it will take you to my online profile to raise money to help fight cancer, with your help we can do it together.

Click here and show your support, I only need $60 more to reach my goal.

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