Not Lost But Found: Circus Contraption

Ladies and Gentlemen, esteemed members of cultured society, I am proud to present to you a tasty little treat known as Circus Contraption. This band is something out of the bizarre, it find itself in the realm of, “surreal circus.” Which happens to be their first album, now hopefully I haven’t lost you with that bit. This isn’t a circus that you may have been to as a child, no, this one has sexy women, ballerinas, dead women, vaudeville, bestiality, and darker macabre humor.

The band itself is actually more of a full on entertainment act. I found Circus Contraption in my search for steampunk music. If you like off colored humor, slightly odd musical acts, and have a great imagination, then this is a group you should look up. You can find them on iTunes and on Youtube (with some rather entertaining but poor quality films).

The group began in 1999 with the album title Circus Contraption: A Surreal Circus.  You won’t find this one on iTunes, but there are five other albums you can find on there. They are definitely worth a listen too. Have a listen to Hoochie Coochie Girls, Wicked Fascinations, and The Slaughter’s Promenade. These will give you a nice taste of their upbeat dark music. In the links below you can find their website.

Have a listen and tell me what you think by leaving a comment below!

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