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Music tastes take another turn for the interesting this week. Leaving behind the strings and electronically composed music of past weeks for something a little different. This week I take a look at The Jive Aces, a swing band who seems to have their roots in 30’s-40’s big band swing. They are definitely a band that will get your feet moving or at least your foot tapping.

Alright, so it’s been two weeks since I posted. I promised myself, and now you, that I will never let more than two weeks go by without a post. If I do miss a post then I will double up my next. This week I promise you three artists. Two out of my library and a suggestion from a listener. This week I take a look at the bands Puscifer, The Black Angels, and Alexi Murdoch. So if you like bands like Perfect Circle and Tool, or you’re into the music that was the “soundtrack,” to Vietnam, or even Cat Stevens, then press on my musical friends and see what this week holds for your ear mouths.

This week Ike takes a look at a band by the name of Wintersleep. For those of you who like Coldplay, REM, The Killers, U2, or Foo Fighters this is a band you might want to check out. Departing from the melancholy and blues of the past two weeks, this band as a get up and go sound with a strong foundation with the rhythm and electric guitar driving music. If you want something you can move to, drive to, or work at your job and have playing in the background then you’ll want to check out this band.

This week Ike takes a look at an acoustic artist by the name of Fink. Fink markets himself as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and a DJ. The majority of his music has a bluesy feel and rests heavily on bass movements. This artist definitely has a lot of talent and some of his videos can be found on To get to know Fink a bit better check out the rest of this review.