All in Social Media Meltdown

Tonight we broadcasted our very first show live through Google+. In the past we were using LiveStream but in attempts to shorten the duration you have to wait to watch each week's show, we made the switch to Google+. There were a few glitches but it seems to already be working out in everyone's favor... the show went live about 4 hours ago and now the video is ready for you to watch! This definitely beats the old 4 to 5 day wait. Enjoy!

This week on Social Media Meltdown we're answering a question from one of our Facebook fans on how to get more blog readership by utilizing social media. Such a great topic, keep 'em coming guys!

Patriotism has been a trending topic lately on the internet with the excitement over the Olympics and the new outerspace infatuation with the US landing a rover on Mars. Is social media the reason why we know about and are able to cheer for more teams and more athletes from across the globe than previous generations? Is social media going to be the saving grace for the US space program? We discuss all this and more on this episode of Social Media Meltdown!